Original Sugar Sticks

These sugar loaves with the natural flavors of gingerbread or spiced cookie and a weight of 10g, come with integrated light disposable stainless steel fire tongs. They are therefore designed for ALL customary cups and offer a firm hold on your cup.

Preparation: Fill YOUR cup with heated mulled wine. Place a STICK on the cup, soak the sugar loaf subtly with FeuerzangenRum, Light it! Serve freshly flambéed.

The crystals of the sugar caramelize with a passionate, tingling flame for about 3 minutes. After burning off, use the fire tongs as a spoon to stir your hot drink.

– Your guests will keep you in good memory for a very long time –

Warning: The drink you are about to enjoy is extremely hot! Keep away from children!

Handmade with love in Bremen

Fire tongs punch – served fresh and flambéed

Original Sugar Sticks: Fire tongs & sugar in one
Only those who have not mastered to play with fire, will burn their fingers! (Oscar Wilde).

SugarRockStars® – „Sweetness & Fire tongs“ in ONE!

Product description

The special handmade SugarStars, with an aroma of gingerbread and spiced cookie (“Spekulatius”), are used as fire tongs and sugar in ONE, so the often tedious cleaning of stainless steel fire tongs is no longer necessary. The stars are freshly and individually packed in a flow pack and come in a high-quality box. These stylish stars in golden brown color give your Mulled Wine, Grog or LuMumba a delicate aroma. Preparation: Place the star on the desired hot beverage using the “StarGripper”. Fill one quarter of the stars’ hollow with Rum (72%). Light it! The star will caramelize and the flame will blaze passionately.  After one minute, the SugarStar will sink and the delicate aroma presents itself in the drink …… too beautiful to dissolve, too good not to do it!

Mulled Wine Glamour


  • Finished Mulled Wine / dry red wine
  • Spices / cherries – individually –
  • Original SugarStar – The CupFire –
  • Original FeuerzangenRum 72%


Heat the red wine, spice, add cherries. Place a SugarStar on the hot drink & fill it to 1/4 (!) with FeuerzangenRum  – light & enjoy.

– The Magic of the Special –

LuMumba Deluxe


  • Milk
  • Chocolate powder
  • Original SugarStar – The CupFire –
  • Cream
  • Original FeuerzangenRum 72%


Mix hot milk with high-quality chocolate powder and pour into a cup. Place a SugarStar on the hot drink & fill it to 1/4 (!) with FeuerzangenRum, light & enjoy. After the sugar has burned, crown the hot chocolate with whipped cream!

– No snow, no Show! –


  • Flavored Sugar & Fire tongs in ONE
  • Flavor: Winter Cherry. Spiced Cookie. Gingerbread. Amaretto.
  • For unique MULLED WINE and HOT Chocolate, served FRESH & flambéed
  • In a pack of 6: 6 SugarRockStars® for EVERY customary cup.
  • Minimum shelf life: 2 years. Fresh product, handmade. From Bremen.
  • No need to clean stainless steel fire tongs.
  • Patented world first lifestyle product in unique position with strong consumer trend.
  • Product video: firecupcompany.com
  • 14g / RockStar. ONLY natural flavors / Cane sugar
  • EAN-Coded.
  • Available from: 09/01/2017
  • EXCLUSIVITY possible!! Licensing possible.

Too beautiful to dissolve, too good to not do it – with you as the perfect host

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